October is ADHD Awareness Month


Advisors to the ADHASA Group:

  • Dr Johan Erasmus (medical)
  • Dr. Norman Cahi (dentistry)
  • Terry Wilke (psychology)
  • Jules Aupiais (business)
  • Dean Mewse (pharmacology)
  • Jeske Wellmann (dietetics)
  • Lorí Lea Harley (website and IT)
  • Frank Julie

Margaret Barry - Chairperson

(Ace) Elijah Maema - CEO and Soweto Branch Director

Margaret Barry is an Educational Psychologist who obtained her master’s degree at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her thesis was on the social competence of children with ADHD.

She has experience working at a school that provided assisted learning and is currently in private practice, specialising in ADHD, attention difficulties, hyperactivity, social skills and preventing bullying.

Margaret has been counseling parents of children with symptoms of ADHD since 1998.

Ace (Elijah Krone)Maema has been employed by the Gauteng Department of Education from 1976 to early 2016 where he was Principal of a Mainstream School in Soweto.  Ace has just completed his MEd in the Psychology of Education from the University of Johannesburg and is now studying fulltime towards his Doctoral (PhD) in the same field at the University of South Africa.

Ace helped establish the Soweto branch of ADHASA. He is deputy chairperson and is particularly interested in promoting awareness of ADHD in schools and education. Ace holds the following additional qualifications: Primary Teacher’s Certificate (Hebron College), Higher Diploma in Education (Wits), Bachelor of Education Honours (Wits).

Elizabeth Masike - Soweto Branch

Charlotte De la Harpe - Marketing & Website

Elizabeth Masike initiated and established the Soweto Branch. Her work with ADHASA includes training for caregivers and preschool teachers on Early Childhood Development and the identification of developmental delays (physical, emotional, social and cognitive). She helps them become skilled at identifying potential ADHD – this includes referral to local clinics.

Her special focus is on counseling, support and education to parents. She educates parents on nutrition and refers them to other professionals if indicated.

Since 1979, Elizabeth has worked in primary health care. She has experience in general nursing, midwifery, and theatre and had responsibility for education, training and skills development for all staff within her primary healthcare cluster.

Charlotte’s creative flare gives her the competitive edge when it comes to communications. Her fresh approach brings an exciting new angle to the sometimes mundane arena of corporate communications.

With over 15 years experience as a communications specialist, Charlotte also has a deep understanding of business operations in the South African context.

Before Establishing Aqula Communications she worked at Transnet for over a decade as Communications Manager in a broad spectrum of media planning, including events, advertising and public relations.

Charlotte holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering Business Management as well as certificates in Human Resource Management and Public Resources Management.

She is also a registered Chartered Public Relations Practitioner and a member of PRISA (Public Relations Institution of South Africa).

Retired Board Members, still active in ADHASA:

Dr Norman Cahi - Publicity Advisor Terry Wilke - (WC) Branch Coordinator

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  • To provide support and information to families, therapists, teachers and caregivers interacting with ADHD children and adults.
  • To provide insight and awareness of the challenges of ADD and hyperactivity.
  • To offer counselling, guidance and referral services.  READ MORE

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Head Office: Delta Park School, Blairgowrie, Randburg, Gauteng

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